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Margarita Week

Margarita Week

The 22nd of February is Margarita Day, but we want to make sure you're super-organised and don't miss out.

For many of us, most weeks seemed to be Margarita week throughout lockdown.

This cocktail seems to have experienced something of a ‘comeback’ over the past two years.

As we were cooped-up at home, looking for fun things to do, at home cocktail making became the perfect solution for many.

The Margarita has a natural sense of fun, playfulness and warmth.  

In the absence of holidays and cocktail bars, the Margarita was perfectly placed to make those zoom calls a little more ‘interesting’ and also helped fortify many themed dinners.

Lockdown aside, the Margarita is, and always has been, a very popular cocktail. Its origins rooted in a style of drink known as a “Daisy” which can be traced back to the late 1800’s.

The Margarita as we know it today, was probably created during the 1930’s…but the drink does have a number of potential origins, and therefore, numerous recipes…

This month, we have partnered with our great friends at Casa Patron to celebrate Margarita week. 

We have great tequila and some brilliant recipes to celebrate and share with you. Salud



37.5mls Patron Silver | 25mls Lime juice | 20mls Triple sec | Sea salt | Dash Tabasco 

Step 1: Salt rim cocktail glass

Step 2: Add ingredients to cocktail shaker

Step 3: Shake and strain into salt -rimmed glass

Step 4: Garnish with lime or chilli



50mls El Tequileno Reposado | 25mls Lime juice | 10mls Agave syrup | Sea salt

Step 1: Salt rim tumbler and fill with ice

Step 2: Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker

Step 3: Shake and strain into ice-filled glass

Step 4: Garnish with lime wheel



50mls Verde Mezcal | 75mls Fresh pink grapefruit juice | 75mls Soda water | Sea salt

Step 1: Salt rim highball glass and Fill glass with ice  

Step 3: Add mezcal and pink grapefruit juice to glass

Step 4: Top with soda

Step 5: Stir and garnish with pink grapefruit wedge





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